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Review from Tom Stonebridge: Therapist. Hastings based therapeutic counsellor, recommending books I love that can help when life seems tough.📚www.tomstonebridge.com

This is a book that explores the psychological and emotional effects of stigma and prejudice, while acknowledging the strength and creativity that marginalised communities demonstrate in response to oppression.

This is a book that uses stories, poems and artwork to highlight the multiple realities where LGBTQ identity and mental health intersect.

This is a book that shows us how to embrace and support diverse expressions of sexuality and gender.

This is a book about fearless love.


May is mental health awareness month 💚

Headcase is a great book to get you through these weird and surreal times! Library Journal gave the anthology a fabulous ⭐️’d review: “Few books can make the claim of being unique, but this is one of them . . .  the editors intend to start a conversation among LGBTQ people and the therapy community about topics that are usually hidden or ignored. In this goal, they succeed admirably . . . This terrific and essential work will benefit all readers.”

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Reviews, profiles, etc.

We’ve had a few nice pieces published about Headcase and/or quoting us (the editors) recently. Curve (Fall 2019) is available in hard copy or a digital subscription while Sinister Wisdom (Summer 2019) is a hard copy-only publication. You can read Victoria Brownworth’s three-part series about LGBT mental health in the Philadelphia Gay News online.

The New Social Worker Book Review

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“Stephanie Schroder and Teresa Theophano present an authentic and inspiring collection of personal stories that are at the core of what mental health and wellness is comprised of on many levels within the LGBTQ community. Readers will not have seen a book like this. It is the first of its kind to have the intersection between multiple identities and present mental health conflicts for both providers and clients.

Headcase: LGBTQ Writers and Artists on Mental Health and Wellness is a well-edited book featuring an array of authors who speak candidly about their experience on mental health, wellness, and identity.” Read the full review.