Publishing contract for HEADCASE secured!


We have secured a publishing contract with Oxford University Press USA. We will be working with our editor at OUP to get the book published. We need to gather contributor agreements, edit each individual contribution, and meet all requirements for the submission of our final manuscript and ancillary materials by March 2018.

The projected publication date is late 2018 or early 2019. We believe HEADCASE will be groundbreaking in content and presentation and will generate many useful conversations both within LGBTQ communities and in others quarters as well (and lots of press coverage, too).

If you have questions, comments, want to write about HEADCASE, or otherwise get in touch with us, please email us at headcasesubmissions [at] gmail [dot]com.

Thanks for all the support from the many and various corners throughout the past two+ years and in the next year as well.

In Solidarity,

Teresa Theophano, LMSW and Stephanie Schroeder, JD, Editors