Reopening call: seeking male-identified, MOC, and TGNC writers and artists

Happy summer, everyone!

Stephanie and I have made lots of progress in compiling an eclectic manuscript, and at this time we are interested in seeing more submissions from male-identified, masculine-of-center, gender non-conforming and trans writers and artists. We are thrilled to have gotten so many wonderful submissions from female-identified folks, and we’d like an even more diverse lineup of contributions. The anthology will remain open to submissions, as outlined above, until we post on this blog that this new call is closed.

If you are interested in submitting work, PLEASE READ our original call for submissions, detailed in the below post from January 22nd.

Please email inquiries and submissions to:, and include a brief biography so we get a sense of who you are and where your work has appeared. (It’s okay if you are looking to get published for the first time, too!)

Please be sure to include your name and contact info on any attachments you send.

Thanks! –Teresa